About the car

About the Car

Emily and Grace are like the car in the classic film “The Yellow Rolls-Royce” (Ingrid Bergman, Rex Harrison, Shirley MacLaine). They are two of the most striking Rolls-Royces on the road – people wave and photograph us wherever we go, and we are often engaged in conversation. They are guaranteed to raise the spirits and be admired everywhere. They are perfectly suited to taking a bride to her wedding.

Emily and Grace are extremely spacious in the rear and can take the finest of wedding gowns and provide more leg room than later cars, with no hump in the middle. Each is a Division Limousine, meaning that there is a glass screen, for privacy, separating the chauffeur from the rear passengers. This can appear or disappear quickly, so the bride and escort can have privacy or otherwise. It can be arranged so that there is total audio privacy, or the ability to speak to the chauffeur even when the division is in place. Sit and relax in beauty and elegance.

How many can Emily and Grace take?

Rolls-Royce describes Emily as suitable for five persons – three in the rear and two in the front, including chauffeur. She works most comfortably with the bride, escort, and perhaps a bridesmaid in the rear, and Henry and Rosemary in front. Grace has one occasional seat in addition.

They have no boot, having been built at a time when chauffeurs were expected to send luggage ahead by train. It is best if you ask friends or family to transport your luggage and belongings to the venues.

Please also note, Emily and Grace have no seatbelts.

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