Wedding car service

What do we do?

For a wedding, we would drive the bridesmaids and then the bride and her escort from home to the ceremony. We usually find it works best to make a separate journey for the bridesmaids.  We would then be pleased to drive the happy couple to the reception. There will be as much time for photos with the car as you wish. Normally Henry would drive and Rosemary would accompany unless the front seat is needed for the wedding party, in which case only Henry would drive.

We like to arrive at the bride’s home well before departure, to allow plenty of time to fix ribbons and decorations, which we prefer to be supplied by you and we will attach ourselves. Emily will be cleaned and polished prior to arrival at the pick-up address.

We will have surveyed the route beforehand so that we are familiar with it and you can relax and enjoy your big day.

The Chauffeur will be dressed in white shirt & tie with a dark suit; Chauffeur’s hat is optional.

Photography: Photography is encouraged and no extra charge is made.

Other events: we are happy to offer Emily for other events, such as a birthday lunch or other celebration.

What happens if we break down?

No Rolls-Royce has ever broken down. On extremely rare occasions, some may have “failed to proceed”. We have two 1937 Rolls-Royces in a similar colour in the unlikely event that the need should arise.


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